Sell a Home

Where to begin if you want or need to sell a home – or think you might?

Contact Mary NowOn my sites and blogs, I have many articles with home selling information. Often, though, a conversation with a knowledgeable, experienced Realtor can shorten the learning curve and education time frame for possible or certain home sellers. Please feel free to reach out to me by email or with a phone call. We can have a 10 or 15 minute chat by phone and then see if meeting in person makes sense. (No obligation, and I truly hate pushy sales people as much as you do, so that is not my approach to real estate work.)

For many people who want to sell a home, it can feel really overwhelming, no matter the circumstances. If you prefer starting by reading up on your own on the market, the process, the paperwork, please do check out my related blog at There you will find articles on a gamut of topics: decluttering, pre-sale inspections, selling one home and buying another, downsizing, navigating multiple offers, rent backs, CAR vs PRDS contracts and forms, staging, and much more.  (There are about 1,000 articles on that site, and 2,000 total on my various websites combined.)

Image: What's My Home Worth?Prefer to begin with an online valuation of your home? That’s fine, too. You can email me to make the request (this is best as you can also tell me if there’s any remodeling or special circumstances). The more I know, the more accurate the report will be – and of course, best is seeing it in person, though that is not required.

Alternatively, you can complete the form on my RE Report site:

Please note: This offer of an online probable buyer’s value is for home owners only and for properties not currently on the market or under contract. 

Finally, I’ll add that I have worked with home sellers in every kind of circumstance and whether they are near or far. At times I have worked with long distance sellers who hired me to help them sell a home here while they are across the US or in China, Finland, or other far away places. Some of my seller clients have needed to sell due to difficult financial, health, relationship or other reasons. Some are parting with the family home after the death of a parent or other loved one. Others are moving up, wondering how to juggle two transactions at once. No matter the reason for wanting to sell – or considering it –  I’ve got a lot of experience and would be happy to connect with you about your own circumstance and situation.