Mary’s Book

“Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home In Silicon Valley”

Book by Mary Pope-HandyKen Deshaies and I wrote this book to assist Silicon Valley home sellers to better understand and navigate more profitably the process of selling a house, condominium or townhouse in Santa Clara County in any market, up or down.

I’m happy to provide a copy to you when we meet for a, no cost, no obligation initial consultation on buying or selling homes here in Silicon Valley. (It is also available on Amazon.)

Additionally, if you’d prefer, I can email you a chapter in pdf form so you can have a “sneak peek”.

What’s covered in the book? All the basic questions a home seller in Silicon Valley might have are discussed, and perhaps some that many haven’t even considered. Questions are included for when or if you decide to interview real estate professionals to assist you in marketing and selling your property.

Section One includes the basics of selling a home in Silicon Valley:

  1. Going It Alone
  2. Using A Real Estate Agent
  3. The Role Of The Internet
  4. How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?
  5. Selling Your Home In A Up or Down Market
  6. Pre-Sale Preparation
  7. Screening Prospective Buyers
  8. We’re In Escrow, Now What?
  9. Preparing for Uncle Sam

Section Two considers buying the next home as well:

  1. Play The Field And Lose The Game
  2. Mortgage Rate Deals
  3. Loan Abuses
  4. Finding Your Next Home

And finally, we’ve included an appendix with a detailed moving checklist.

Disclaimer: the book was published in 2004, and a few things have changed since then. Web marketing, in particular, is now hugely important and is a major component of what I do for my seller clients. Even so, the basics in hiring and preparing your home for sale are pretty timeless. Please let me know if you’d like a copy of it.