How’s the market?

Graphic with peach: How is the market?Each area page on this site will have information and links on that city, town, zip code, or district’s current real estate market as well as info on those areas generally.

My Real Estate Report, which provides info on Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and Santa Cruz County.  From those RE Report links, you can also pull up the 4 page printable PDF for each of the three counties, too.

Additionally, there are quite a number of real estate market posts on my other websites and blogs plus. Here are a few of those articles and resources on my sites – the first two are from the Live in Los Gatos blog, the rest are from, the blog “partner” to this website,

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If you are interested in a “broad view” of the Silicon Valley real estate market, please also visit my relocation resource, Move2SiliconValley. At that site, I have a few articles comparing the cost of living from one city, town, or district to another.

Finally, even within an area, there can be different markets. For instance, in Saratoga, the real estate market is quite different at the entry level for houses versus the luxury tier. The market in Saratoga can also vary between one school district or another.  Often, we need to drill down to your home’s particular market to get you the best data – and that’s one of the reasons why you don’t want to go it alone, and are better served by hiring a good Realtor to assist you.

An example: during the downturn a few years back, I had a luxury listing on an acre of land with no pool. Most home buyers in that price point expected a pool, as it turns out. I crunched the numbers to get the absorption rate for homes in that area with and without pools, and they were quite different. We didn’t have to guess – the data told us.

If you are thinking of selling, it’s helpful to get data not just for  your zip code or town, but for your home’s market. So too with home buying: the area you want to purchase in may be more or less competitive than the stats published online.

I enjoy working with clients who like making data driven decisions. If you’re interested in talking with me, please email or call me. We’ll set up a first appointment by phone (allow about 10-15 minutes), and if it seems like we should meet, we can schedule an appointment for 60 minutes or so at my office or a coffee shop, if you prefer that.

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