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Mary Pope-Handy, August 2018We  here to help you buy, sell or invest in Silicon Valley real estate and homes. Our top priority is to help you to achieve your goals by giving you excellent information so that you can make a fully informed decision.

If you’d like to learn more about us, the philosophy of our mother-daughter team, Mary’s experience, accomplishments, memberships etc., please read on:

  1. Mary Pope-Handy, Realtor: a brief overview
  2. Philosophy on real estate clients & sales
  3. Mary’s real estate experience (areas, sale types, special circumstances)
  4. Honors and Accomplishments in real estate sales (and blogging honors & awards too)
  5. Mary – Professional Memberships & Designations
  6. Mary’s work as a speaker and trainer
  7. Mary Pope-Handy’s Team
  8. About Mary’s Book (Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home in Silicon Valley)

Reviews can be found on major real estate portals. Below is a list in order of the number of reviews.

Zillow (click to view all of them – you will leave this site and go to my profile page on Zillow (that’s the most thorough one, and it also includes my sales).

You can find reviews of me on Yelp but that site has “suppressed” about half of the reviews my clients have done on me.  You can see the 16 “not recommended” Yelp reviews at this link. These were all real clients, so it is frustrating that Yelp wont show them easily.

Realtor.com has some reviews of me

There are a few reviews on one of my Facebook business pages, Mary Pope-Handy, Realtor.

And if you go to Google.com and search my name, you’ll see a blurb about me on the right side of the screen with a link to reviews there as well.

About Clair

Clair at Work SquareWriting about the market since 2009, licensed since 2021, Clair has teamed up with Mary to help more nice folks buy and sell homes in Silicon Valley!

Clair holds the GREEN Realtor designation and has a special interest in older and historic homes.

Read more about Clair on our blogs, including Valley of Heart’s Delight Blog, on Realtor.com, and follow along on our Instagram @marypopehandyclairhandy

License # 02153633